​KID: Garbage disposal machine, Elimination type microorganism organic system

KID system is the unique technology which can eliminate and decompose garbage, food waste, manure, urine, and carcasses without removing the materials and using a drainage.
Moisture, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and so on are organic matters to make food residues. And those organic matters are made from amino acids, sugar, and lipids.
In the nature, since microorganisms decompose the organic matters, those are changed into steam, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, eventually those are disposed.
​Basically excreta are made from foods which are taken from our mouths, so which is same as biodegradable process of foods.
​Outlines of the system
​- Eliminating and decomposing more than 99% of the materials. (It's impossible to eliminate inorganic matters such as metals, glasses, stones, potteries, sand, and concrete.)
- Aerobic microorganisms are required.
- Stirres are required.
- Since no incineration is required, no dioxin is produced and emitted.
- Since no incineration is required, more than 92% of CO2 is reduced compared to conventional methods.
- It isn't required to flush with water followed by drainage.
- The operation is really safe.
- The disposal cost is cut down greatly.
​KID had been introduced into Tsukiji market in May 2014, since then it has been eliminating and decomposing 500kg of residues per a day without removing and overflowing for 4 years.
Now, new KID system has been introduced and being operated in Toyosu Market.

​Movies about KID system

​Slow-motion replay of disposing of meat and vegetables

Throwing vegetables into the machine in Tsukiji market

​Disposing of corn

​Disposing of livestocks and manure

Disposing of waste water

​BIO lavatory: elimination type lavatory

​The lavatory can eliminate human excreta and tissue with microorganisms.
​Outlines of the system
​- More than 99.9% of human waste and dried sludge are eliminated.
​- The lavatory usage of 170 times are eliminated per a day.
​- Stirrers are required
- Water of washout is also eliminated.
- No dipping up is required
- Bad smell is almost not come out
- Since no incineration is required, more than 90% of CO2 is reduced compared to conventional methods.
​This is a picture of prototype for a test. Since setting microorganisms under a lavatory and stirring it, excreta, tissue, and water are eliminated.
​Right two are normal rental lavatories.​
Left one is a rental BIO lavatory.
※ A charm of BIO lavatory is unnecessary to dip up.


​Elimination type microorganisms organic matter disposal machine






​N-ICE organic matter disposal machine


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