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World-serious environmental problems have uncountable affects to human body and the earth. Human body are born again by improving environments and eating craps which are nutrient-rich and grown in soil of good quality.

Here is the only-one technology which can change and eliminate organic matters with fermentation of microorganisms.

We contribute to improvements of global environments for a bright future.

​Company name
​Tokyo office
​Sankyo Bldg #801 2-7-12 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045
​TEL 03-6260-6848
FAX 03-6260-6849
​CEO  Junichiro Tsuneishi
​Established in
​December 2016
​1.Development, manufacture, sale, rental, lease, ​maintenance, and management of environmental equipments (garbage disposal machine & water purifier).
​2.Sale of N-ICE high pressure & temperature steam decomposition machine
3. Improvement of soil
4.Improvement of water
5.Consultant of agricolture
6.Consulting to improve and maintain environments of cowsheds, pigpens, and chicken farms.
7.Sale of  a bioenergy unit
8.Sale of a natural energy unit
9.Process and manufacture of fermented foods
10.Manufacture and sale of cosmetics, soap, and cleansers
​Main products
​- Elimination type microorganisms organic matter disposal machine: KID
​- N-ICE organic matter disposal machine: N-ICE
​- Water quality improving machine              
​- Enzyme deodorant liquid: AC30
​- Elimination type BIO lavatory: BIO lavatory  


​Tokyo office


​Elimination type microorganisms organic matter disposal machine






​N-ICE organic matter disposal machine


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