​N-ICE organic matters disposal machine

Since throwing medical waste, infectious waste, plastics, foaming polystyrene, food waste, clothes, sewage sludge, sludge, and human waste into the machine without separation and sorting, and then doing molecular decomposition disposal organic matters with high pressure and temperature steam, eventually the materials become harmless.
​Plus, the machine can changes the materials to liquid or powder condition by regulating a pressure.
​Outlines of the system

​- No separation is required. And amount of the materials are reduced to original 30%.(It's impossible to eliminate inorganic matters such as metals, glasses, stones, potteries, sand, and concrete.

- Disposing the materials with high pressure and temperature steam.

- The disposal time is around an hour ( batch process ), From throwing to taking out is around 2hours.

- A second-class boiler engineer is required.

- Since no incineration is required, no dioxin is produced and emitted.

- Since no incineration is required, more than 92% of CO2 is reduced.

- After disposing, to take out excellent manure, liquid fertilizer, snow melting agent, and alternative fuels. 

- After disposing, it becomes possible to generate and extract high concentration methane gas by putting methanogen.

- The disposal cost is reduced greatly compared to conventional methods.

- Operations are really safe.

​Disposed materials can be turned into manure, liquid fertilizer, and alternative fuels.
​A movie of N-ICE


​This is a ultimate combination which had never existed until our technologies are created.
​Having amount of materials such as plastic, medical waste, and clothes become original 30% with N-ICE at first, then its 30% are eliminated with KID.