​This is the power of Microorganisms

Our technology (KID system) is registered to Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Investment and Technology Promotion Office, Tokyo (ITPO Tokyo).

​(URL: http://www.unido.or.jp/en/activities/technology_transfer/technology_db/)

​Garbage disposal machine

​・Eliminating and decomposing garbage, food waste, manure, urine, excrete sludge, dried sludge, and carcasses without incineration, drainage, and removing the materials.

​・CO2 emission is reduced more than 92%.

​No dioxin is produced.

・Eliminating and decomposing human excreta and even tissue with microorganisms.

・Dipping up isn't required.

・Since throwing medical waste, infectious waste, plastic, foaming polystyrene, industrial food waste, clothes, sewage sludge, and urine into the machine without separation and sorting, the materials are composed, spin-dried, and smashed, then volume of the materials are reduced to original 30%.

​・CO2 emission is reduced more than 92%.

​・No dioxin is produced.


Garbage and waste are eliminated and decomposed with the microbial system (KID) and N-ICE system (N-ICE).


​Elimination type microorganisms organic matter disposal machine






​N-ICE organic matter disposal machine


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